celebration crowns

My own kids' birthday crowns came from whatever they were passionate about at that time: one year it was horses, another it was "ogre fairies," and this year, I made a green-green-race car hat for my son to his specs.

As a member of the capital campaign committee at my children's school, I'm offering custom spots for these handmade felt crowns as a fundraiser. The fifteen dollars per crown cost will fully go towards those fundraising efforts.

I'd be honored to make one for your own special celebration: the above was made for my sister's bachelorette party, and below is a pirate crown I made for my daughter when she was teeny tiny when we went to cheer our friend on at a roller derby bout.

The hats are $15 plus $3 shipping. Sizes run from babies to adults; there's a fabric-covered elastic on the back that will help with proper fit. I'm happy to work with you in finding a design that works for the occasion, though it's best if the details are simple in order to feature what you love most on the crown.

Turn around time is approximately one week, depending on the queue, so factor that in along with shipping time. You can leave a message here if you are interested, send me a message on Etsy, email (molly @ kieferfamily dot org), or get in touch in person.

If you want to learn more about the school, you can check out their Facebook page while their official website is getting updated. It's an amazing, magical place, and I feel so lucky to have my kids there every day.

Commissioned crowns:

Holly and a C for Clara

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