Monday, February 22, 2016

narrative telling

Days after taking these photographs and I'm already missing this space.

The new school is a converted series of cottages in which there had been approximately six bedrooms per cottage, along with a kitchen and a living space. Right now, the two youngest clusters are each in their own kitchen / living space, whereas the elementary is making do with a handful of re-painted bedrooms until the summer demos gives them their very own swath of space.

It works though. There's still that beautiful light streaming in, still the hush of the diffuser, the quiet lamp and peaceful music as each student concentrates on making his or her own narrative. So many stories get told and retold, and there's already such a history to this building, made in love, being remade in the same.

My mother said she thinks the ghosts of the past children who lived here would be happy to see this transformation. I think she'd be right.

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