Monday, March 21, 2016

the snow has faded

The snow has faded quite suddenly and surprisingly around here. I think I was waiting for that one big storm, the one to take the kids out in, the one that would lead to Maya's first skiing lesson, but it never came to that. The timing was never quite right.

It's that strange strung time between seasons, where one could dress as easily in snow boots as rain boots, one may or may not need mittens, and the days when it's very warm, the kiddo still wants to wear his green turtle coat, which is two sizes too big anyway.

What I love so very much are these small moments I glimpse on the playground: one girl winding another up in a swing to fly, fly, and gently come down again. The sweet miniature fort being built from twigs in the sand box. The view of the world from up, up.

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