Saturday, December 10, 2016

apple picking (from october)

We had our first group going out and this, at a nearby apple orchard. We had all good intentions: collect apples from the trees, make pies or sauce, pick out pumpkins for carving. Instead, we got lost in a corn maze, split up by gender, me with the boys and our head of school with the girls, and we kept thumping into each other at all turns, so after an hour of this tromping, we joined forces and eventually, one corn-cut, several tired teddy bears (as my father might say), and a discussion as to whether or not a shoe would be an appropriate vessel to boil corn in (no, no absolutely no), we went back out the way we came in, and that's OK, because we're all still one piece, we're all still a team, a family, and though we didn't find our way straight through, we got to admire the strength of a corn stalk and its potential to impale a human (no, we didn't test that theory out).

Later, we carved pumpkins on the floor of our science area and the kids kept up with the goop and broke a few carvings knives and had an all-around lovely time.

As the elementaries, it was also our duty to host the schoolwide Harvest Festival, and we served this chicken with wild rice soup and zucchini muffins, the recipe for which I will share shortly. I'm pleased it went so smoothly, and amazed at how the crew of nine came together and divided the jobs and helped in singing and clean-up. It was our first go at such a thing as a cohesive group, and I love that breaking bread with the entire school just settled us more into a family-like feeling. We sang some school favorites and got to chat with some of the youngers, many of whom are siblings of students and offspring of guides.

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