Wednesday, February 17, 2016

elementary in the woods

Today was outdoor photos with the Lower Elementary.

Dear Self: third graders are wise. If they suggest you ought to put on your boots, you maybe should say, oh dear, I wasn't thinking, instead of brush it off like a macha Minnesotan and say, I'm totally fine; I do this all the time. Because all that open space there? It's a crispy top you just punch through to powdery white and that gets into your shoes because they're shoes and also, wearing yoga pants? Rethink your next woods adventure attire please.

But if you do it again, and you will, do it with these guys. Because they know how to find a good climbing fallen log. I'm tempted to bring my pruners next time though with all the thorns on the bushes--I wonder what's wild and thorny and clinging? perhaps a wild fruit or buckthorn, which is, by the by, a wonderful invasive for the dye pot, if you are a dyer of fibers as I am sometimes to be--and peel them away. It takes some tromping on these paths, and the sun was just warm enough to keep us lingering.

As always, I end with two photos of my own here at school. I could not resist.

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