Thursday, February 18, 2016

finnegan's birthday

Today was Finnegan's first official Montessori birthday, and I write to tell you what you may already have anticipated: I got mama-bleary-eyed. In my mind, it's such a rite of passage, getting to carry that little globe around the circle, your name spelled out with the moveable alphabet, candle snuffer at the ready, wishbook pinned together with wishes of pickles and green flowers adorning hundreds of cakes to keep and look back on over the years. These are the things my friends wanted for me, things they wanted for themselves too.

Every year, I make the children a crown for their birthday, depending on what each one's interests and passions are. (Last year, Maya requested an ogre-fairy.) Can you guess what my son's favorite color is? Yup. I admit, I love green too, and this time of year, we're ready to start seeing it much more!

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