Friday, February 19, 2016

zen'ing out in the toddler community

Another morning in the toddler community, another return to the peaceful hum of the smallest children at work. They don't have so very many words, so so much communication is done by gesture, expression, little sounds. And there are Julianne and Kate, their soothing voices redirecting, demonstrating, suggesting. It's very quiet in there, very gentle. I'm always struck at how swiftly flagging behavior is adjusted, mainly by redirect, but always insistent--somehow both compromising and unrelenting. It's hard to put language to it--it's firm but loving, but that seems a bit cliche, too easy. There's something so very natural about the flow in there. Expectations are always high and the kids want to meet them. It only makes sense.

The littles got to get outside for the first time since the school moved a few weeks ago. The cold has been so remarkable, and so much of the work is getting the kids bundled up and moved to the appropriate location that the weather really needs to be on this side of good to be worth the effort. But look: see how it is!

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