Monday, February 29, 2016

happy leap day!

I love Google's hopping graphic for today's bonus day: February 29, the trick-day used in Pirates of Penzance, the bonus day of sun-on-fading-snow, it seems, here in Minnesota. Google's #29 bunny jumps in and nestles between a slumbering 28 and 1, and this is winter in these parts--a lot of nestling between one another, some scuffling as we try to find the best patches of warmth.

Our family had a good weekend in Wisconsin, and I'll share some photographs from our twice-trip to the Wildlife Sanctuary later this week, but right now, here are five things we did, complete with glimpses of our time at Grandma's house:

1. Maya built her first terrarium, complete with tiny mushrooms and bunny. We'll see if the chia seeds sprout.

2. Finnegan became obsessed with the birthday (apple) pie we brought for Grandma, but because Grandma has such a sweet-tooth, she already had three desserts prepared.

3. We read and re-read and re-read the newest Caldecott winner. It's come home with us and we've re-read it again.

4. I needle felted a handful of hearts for a friend's upcoming baby photo shoot. I'm thinking about needle felting a few more to make a garland for our home.

5. Finn and his grandma found a little bird that must have flown into a window. I've done some research to see the smartest way of breaking down the bird to rearticulate the skeleton.

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