Tuesday, March 1, 2016

{bookcase: you are my i love you}

This worn board book was one of the first I got for my daughter when I was pregnant. I still remember seeing it for the first time, pulled from the shelf at the store where I worked, displayed as a gift suggestion and how much I loved it.

Indeed, this is a gift-book, one that should come from that special deepest of warm places in the heart. I remember reading it to Maya for the first time and how I cried, still do, when I got to this page:

Going through fertility treatments was by no means easy, and in those months, I spent so much time wondering why I was broken and if it would ever fall into place.

This book is such a sweet little something to share with your family. It's my favorite bedtime book, my go-to expression of absolute tenderness and love. There's a hardcover version, of course, which I need to invest in for our bookcase, but for now, this little one can be tucked into a bag and read on the longest of road trips, many nose-nuzzles and cheek kisses included.

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